Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Flash Crash and the European referendum wheeze

The large intraday "crash" from May 6th no longer looks like an aberration but, strangely suggests a forward looking market that uncannily may have been discounting the possibility that the second most traded global currency could be coming apart at the seams. If it does, and in some ways this would be the preferred solution for not only the Club Med countries but also for Germany, it will once again highlight the folly of our belief in the robustness of the creations of financial technocrats. A monetary union without a fiscal union lacks credibility and it may, in years to come, be seen as remarkable that, with only a 10 year track record, so many placed so much faith in the Eurozone arrangements.

On the other hand, when I remove my Armageddon hat, which has a nasty tendency to appear on occasion (somewhat like Doctor Strangelove’s salute), there is always the possibility that a new fudge will buy more time for the political elite of Europe to spin some new schemes for European unification. If, as in the past, European voters give the wrong answers when asked in a referendum about further integration, they simply hold additional referendums until they get the right answer.

But maybe next time it will be different.

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