Sunday, 6 September 2009

Squid cocktails in new London bar for the GS boys

The following courtesy of some PR agency was published in the Sunday Times newspaper in London today (Sept 6, 2009) in the Prufrock column. It underlines one of my current tendencies toward grumpiness, which is - "You don't have to be an absurdist to live in the UK but it does help".

The boys behind the Mahiki and Whisky Mist nightclubs, Nick House and Piers Adam, are opening Kanaloa at the end of October. The club will be based off Fleet Street — just a stone’s throw from Goldman Sachs’s London office.

House and Adam have bagged £450,000 from the bar operator Novus Leisure to fund their venture. “There will be tree houses and amazing cocktails,” House tells me breathlessly. There will also be a new spin on the Treasure Chest — the Mahiki cocktail that comes in a treasure chest-shaped vessel. Given its proximity to Goldman — famously dubbed a Great Vampire Squid by Rolling Stone magazine — House is exploring the feasibility of a squid-shaped schooner.

What does Goldman think? “Vampire squid are very small and harmless to humans,” said chief PR man Lucas van Praag, “but cocktails can be deadly, particularly if served in a monster glass.”

You have been warned.

Just as an aside to the writer of the piece- Better be careful quoting the PR from Goldman Sachs if he didn’t actually say those words as they have an army of rather humorless attorneys.

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