Saturday, 27 June 2009

"You don’t argue with the King of Pop"

The Telegraph has a news item suggesting that as part of the contract with AEG Live -the promoters of the O2 shows - Michael Jackson required that his personal physician's fees be borne by the concert agency.
The singer insisted the cardiologist be hired as his full-time personal doctor while he prepared for his gruelling comback upcoming tour in Britain.

Randy Phillips, president and CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, said it was "almost a contractual condition" that Jackson have Dr. Conrad Murray at his side in the United States and abroad.

Mr Phillips said Jackson "insisted" on Mr Murray's employment at a "substantial" but undisclosed fee despite being told by AEG officials that "some of the best doctors in the world are in London".

“He just said, ‘Look, this whole business revolves around me. I’m a machine and we have to keep the machine well-oiled,’ and you don’t argue with the King of Pop,” added Mr Phillips.
Apart from the issues I have previously raised about the incorrect description of Frank DiLeo as Michael's "long time manager" - here and again here , there is also the slightly murky status of "the Jackson family lawyer, Brian Oxman" referenced in the Telegraph article. Other reliable sources are describing Mr Oxman as the "former" family lawyer and the attorney has been rather loose lipped about Michael Jackson's dependence on pain killers etc.
In the wacky world of superstar show-business none of this should be too surprising but, I bet, there are plenty more nuggets to come.

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