Monday, 4 May 2009

European travel survey suggests London as dirtiest city and Paris as least friendly

London had the distinctions of being rated as the dirtiest and most expensive city in Europe but also the city having the best free public attractions and the best night life.
According to this article from Sky News
It was also seen as the most expensive city on the continent and as having the most tourist traps and the worst-dressed locals.

But on the plus side, the UK capital was thought to have the best free attractions, the best public parks and the best nightlife.

Some 36% of travellers who were polled reckoned London was the dirtiest European city - well ahead of Paris in second place with 9%.

The cleanest city was considered to be Copenhagen, while the best bargain city was Prague, the friendliest was Dublin and the most boring was Brussels.

Half of those polled rated London best for public parks, with Paris a distant second with just 7%.
Also worth noting was the following which emerged from a survey which polled 2,376 European travellers and was carried out by the TripAdvisor company.
Paris had the best-dressed locals and the best cuisine, but was easily the least-friendly city and also the most over-rated.

The French capital lost out to Venice as the most romantic city while Warsaw had the ugliest architecture.

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