Friday, 29 May 2009

Angry UK electors succeeding in removing their MP's and may be looking for criminal prosecutions

In the absence of any kind of leadership from Gordon Brown, and just an iota more from David Cameron, it is becomingly clear that local constituency parties in the UK are taking direct initiatives - including the conducting of petitions to remove their incumbent Members of Parliament. Grassroots democracy is at work and one of the more refreshing elements of the MP's expenses row.

The fact that some establishment figures are suggesting that "mob" rule is emerging to replace politics as usual underscores the fact that the establishment is deeply worried. Inertia and arrogance are combining with their desire to retain an outmoded system of privilege and they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable about the growing dis-enchantment of normal law abiding citizens. These are regular folks who have played by the rules and see no possible justification for a political class to have abused taxpayers' money the way they have. In some cases criminal prosecutions need to be mounted to establish whether criminal and taxation laws have been broken.

The time is ripe for profound reform of the archaic British constitutional system which is completely unsuited to the modern era. Poliiticans have proven themselves not worthy to resolve the crisis and a general election should be demanded immediately.

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