Sunday, 1 March 2009

Boiling frogs and repudiating debts of foreigners

Here's some further thoughts on the recently announced moves relating to Citigroup by Mike Shedlock

The government is avoiding an outright nationalization of Citigroup hoping to avoid pressure by foreign governments for the US to make good on a full repayment of bank bonds. If the government limits its stake to 40% or less, US Government guarantees of bank debts may be skirted, or at least postponed.

Tying it all together, what's really happening has nothing to do with the announced plan to boost banks' TCE, tangible common equity. Rather, the plan is to repudiate the bondholders, step by step, boiling each frog in order, hoping to minimize the fallout from foreign bondholders.

This leaves me speechless - what kind of cynical mind could suspect such sinister motives?

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