Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A bi-polar market reflecting the culture or should that be vice versa?

Minyanville has an interesting piece which includes the following - "Welcome to the Age of Austerity, the polar opposite of our recent love affair with bling for the sake of bling."

Stranger still, this new allergy to perks extends even to language. One client of Amelia Island Plantation, an upscale resort north of Jacksonville, even told the hotel it wouldn’t consider a location whose name had the word “spa” or “resort” in it. Another bold customer even asked the hotel to drop the word “Island” from its moniker.

This provides yet more evidence of a bi-polar cultural mindset which is being influenced by, and in turn reinforcing, the current mood in capital markets.
The strong suggestion is that markets will be showing more evidence of manic-depressive behavior in the coming year(s).

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